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The hardest part about doing metasearch optimization and competition analysis is not really to collect the data, or the fact that it changes every second.
Main issue is the fact that everyone is trying to achieve the same thing and in theory could be looking at the same data, since we are dealing with public information available on the internet.
So the key to success relies on who understands and processes the data better, applying the best possible outcome. This happens by finding the balance between lowering or increasing my prices a certain amount, without compromising revenue or profit.
Then how much exactly should I change my price based on the competitor data? That's exactly where Traveldax brings the most value to its customers. Smart Insights For each one of the reports you'll have access on our platform, you will see three smart insights telling you how much you should be applying a discount or a markup increase. This information is calculated using AI and can be grouped into different levels like routes, airlines or departure month.
Seeing the deltas on a flights number level is also an option, but that limits your level of scale a lot.

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